New initiative for digital entrepreneurs!

Digital founders will be supported with a new special type of offer. Extremely well equipped work places at attractive conditions as well as support and coaching for free will be at your disposal immediately. Ask us!

Support for young investors

Start your business at the Klee-Center with an office and growing by:

  1. Attractive and flexible office areas with representative appearance
  2. Central infrastructure and services
  3. Network for entrepreneurs who want to found a new existence and freelancer

The Klee-Center is …

The Klee-Center is much more than only offices it`s a place with future prospects. The city of Nuremberg as the responsabile body offers young founders at the Klee-Center a package of coordinated components that gives you an effective jump-start, f.e.

  1. With a comprehensive infrastructure
  2. Technical equipment (internet, telephone/fax, colour laser printer)
  3. Many services as well as
  4. Advice and support in all fields and phases of entrepreneur development

Space for new ideas

The center offers spaces for the ideas of young entrepreneurs and founders. Everybody who shows his own initiative is welcome, who intends a foundation or who is already a freelancer. Everything you can find under one roof.

That`s why the Klee-Center is unique: specialists and adviser in the section of startups, who offer their services in the house allow „short ways“ for those who are looking for any kind of advice.

Moreover, founders and small enterprises can organize events and present their products and services. Modern and light rooms are sufficient available.

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